The outbreak of the coronavirus continues to ignite crises between countries. Similar to the ongoing crisis between China – the source of the virus – and the US, tension between Sudan and Turkey has also been escalating due to the coronavirus.

Discord began when the Sudanese authorities refused to allow a Turkish Airlines plane to land at one of its airports, as part of the measures Khartoum is taking to counter the spread of coronavirus.

Turkish Airporthaber stated that the Sudanese authorities did not allow the Turkish Airlines plane to land, forcing it to return to Istanbul.

A Turkish newspaper reported that Turkish police intervened to force 37 Sudanese passengers to vacate flight TK680 and disembark at Istanbul airport, despite their insistence to return to their country, which had earlier refused to receive the plane.

The newspaper confirmed that the crew of the airplane asked the airport authorities to force the passengers to leave the plane.

Coronavirus has caused the cancellation of many flights around the world, and has forced airlines to suspend most scheduled journeys.

On Monday evening, the Sudan government declared a state of health emergency in the country, and closed all border crossings as part of the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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